Sandra Gimpel: Salt Vampire on Star Trek

When the very first episode of STAR TREK aired back on September 8, 1966, we were introduced to the SALT VAMPIRE, an alien creature who could kill a human by sucking the salt out of their body, Inside that gruesome monster suit was actress and stunt woman SANDRA GIMPEL who was making her SECOND appearance in an episode of STAR TREK. She had been one of the bald-headed TALOSIANS in the failed first pilot of the series, which was later incorporated into THE MENAGERIE two-part episode. Chatting with her yesterday, I also learned that she had gotten the job while appearing on LOST IN SPACE as the stunt double for Billy Mumy ("Will Robinson"). This incredible lady, a former dancer, is still working as a stunt woman today. How's that for an amazing career?


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