Outside My Door: William Shatner as TJ Hooker

Imagine one day you wake up to the sound of a huge commotion just outside your window. You throw on your clothes and race outside to discover that they're preparing to shoot a scene for the hit TV series "T.J. HOOKER" in front of your apartment building. The star shows up, some guy named WILLIAM SHATNER. Being a big STAR TREK fan, you wait for an opportunity to approach him. He goes over to craft services for a doughnut. You pounce. The resourceful Ms. Cynthia Friedlob raises her camera and captures the very moment you meet your sci-fi idol. Yep, that's me, seen from behind, meeting WILLIAM SHATNER for the very first time. This was definitely one of the high points of the 1980's for me. I'd waited twenty years for that incredible moment!


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