Happy Birthday, Sean Connery!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday to SEAN CONNERY. I was watching TV one Saturday afternoon and the announcer said, "Coming up next -- "Tarzan's Greatest Adventure." I'm not a huge fan of Tarzan movies, but I had nothing better to do, so I figured I'd watch a few minutes of it and then go do other things. The film began, and there, on screen, creeping into frame in close-up was Sean Connery in blackface!!! What the--- ? I was hooked. Turns out Connery was playing a British bad guy's henchman in Africa attempting to stir up trouble while posing at night as a native. The main villain was played by Anthony Quayle. Thus began one of the best adventure movies I'd ever seen. Gordon Scott was stellar in arguably his best portrayal of Tarzan. Connery was set to appear in more Tarzan movies. He told the producers to hold his place in the next film. He was going back to the UK to shoot some spy adventure film, but then he'd be back. That film was "Dr. No." He never came back.


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