AKIRA at the Motion Picture Academy

Last night, my senses were overloaded at a screening of the classic 1988 anime masterpiece, AKIRA, as part of the Marc Davis Celebration of Animation at the Motion Picture Academy. On hand for a panel discussion about how the film has influenced their work were Genndy Tartakovsky (Director - "Hotel Transylvania"), Justin K. Thompson (Production designer - "Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse"), Jorge Gutierrez (director - "The Book of Life"), Randy Haycock (Animator - "Aladdin" ,"The Princess and the Frog"), and moderator Charles Solomon. In the lobby was a sampling of original AKIRA animation art recently donated to the Academy. The print was pristine and jaw-dropping, the film is astounding. My brain is still suffering from PASD (post Akira sensory disruption). My mind is officially boggled.


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