Tonight, I enjoyed seeing the hilarious panto "A SNOW WHITE CHRISTMAS" in Pasadena featuring MICHELLE WILLIAMS of "Destiny's Child." These live shows are put on every year by Nigel Lythgoe's family. If you are not familiar with British panto theater, it involves audience participation – you are encouraged to cheer for the hero, boo the bad guy, try to keep the innocent out of harm’s way when they are about to do something that you know they shouldn’t (like Snow White munching on the apple). I found myself shouting and singing along with the kids, especially during popular tunes like “YMCA” (you'll have to see the show to understand how that song fits in). Snow White (Olivia Sinabia) and Prince “Harry” (Michael Campion), were excellent in their roles, Grammy winner Michelle Williams as Snow White’s aunt/queen was a powerhouse, you felt her presence before she opened her mouth. Another fun touch was a video-projected Neil Patrick Harris as the Magic Mirror. Garrett Clayton as the Huntsman was strong throughout. Jared Gertner as the court jester, tied it all together and added the humor. The show runs through Sunday December 22. Fit it into your busy holiday schedule if at all possible!


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