Monty Python at The Hollywood Bowl in 1980

I'm celebrating 50 Years of being a die-hard MONTY PYTHON fan! On September 27th, 1980, the MONTY PYTHON comedy troupe came and performed a historic concert at the HOLLYWOOD BOWL. I had been in LA for less than a year, and I was thrilled to be here for this. All of the Pythons were there on stage: GRAHAM CHAPMAN, JOHN CLEESE, MICHAEL PALIN, TERRY JONES and ERIC IDLE as well as Python regulars NEIL INNES and CAROL CLEVELAND. They performed all their classic routines and songs. It was a brilliant night which has since been preserved on video! Here is my ticket stub which I saved. Seats were only a paltry $16.00 😲. And here is the program. It was a folded one-sheet. When unfolded, it became a huge poster with the lyrics for "The Philosopher's Song" (which, of course, we all sang that night)! 


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